Educational Offer

Educational Offer

Under the slogan „Nature brings us together, education brings us apart.”, the entire Avangarde Kids team constantly takes care that each child can flourish through curiosity, creativity and responsibility. It is our promise to you that we will concern to cultivating such values to the little ones throughout the time spent at Avangarde Kids.


Four groups of 12, maximum 15 children:

  • nursery 1.5-2 years old
  • baby group 2-3 years old
  • lower kindergarten group 3-4 years old
  • middle kindergarten group 4-5 years old
  • upper kindergarten group 5-6 years old

We will ensure that the teacher/child number ratio will allow us to give individual attention and personalized training to each child according to the nature of each and one of them.

Instructive-educational process

It is based on a harmonious blend of traditional and modern methods maximizing the learning potential and abilities of each child by stimulating their attention and creativity.


  • developing motivation for knowledge;
  • cultivating independent thinking, spontaneity and creativity;
  • developing self-confidence;
  • promoting communication and collaboration between children, parents and teachers;
  • applying the curriculum of the Ministry of National Education adjusted according to the needs and requirements of the modern society, which is in a permanent dynamics.

Do you think the task of keeping 10-15 children focused on a lesson plan is daunting? We DO NOT!

AVANGARDE KIDS Team has found the perfect way for education to be made through play.

The play is also a preparation for later life, but above all, it is child’s life itself.” (McDougall)

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Thus, we believe that the following indoor and outdoor activities have the role of simultaneously entertaining and educating and we propose:

Activities included

  • Learning activities carried out daily in the classroom
    • Activities in the experiential field, some of which are taught in English (language and communication, science, physical development, human and society, aesthetic and creative)
    • Optional activities included in the short and normal time schedule (dance, singing, personal development)


Optional activities

  • Painting with marble dust – Sabbiarelli



  • Art & Craft



  • Cooking club


Cooking club represents a culinary adventure whereby we aim to teach the little ones useful things about ingredients, recipes and cooking, to establish healthy habits.



Extracurricular activities

  • outdoor walks
  • trips
  • camps
  • summer school
  • attending shows
  • visits to the City of Knowledge, Aviation Museum, Zoo, Botanical Garden, Animal Farm, Mogosoaia Palace, etc.


Human resources

  • teachers trained in early years education
  • responsible auxiliary personnel
  • physician and pediatrician nurse
  • speech therapist and counseling psychologist when needed