As we set out from the beginning, we are glad you chose us to be your partners in raising and educating the children, and starting from this premise, we have created a few partnerships.

We will create and maintain a permanent relationship with the Avangarde Kids family and individually with the family of each child. You will always stay abreast of your child’s evolution and we will provide you direct feedback of daily activities.

We want to integrate parents, even grandparents in our process. Thus, in addition to organizing lectures with parents, meetings, group or individual consultations, or other activities within our partnerships, the parents will be invited to attend both the festivities and various thematic activities.



Avangarde KIDS wants to be an extension of the home family, because it is vital to streamline the family-kindergarten relationship. Through the established objectives, the activities for parents lead to the exchange of views on the need for a healthy educational environment and the establishment of common co-ordinates to ensure the educational environment.

  • we will dedicate March to moms, who we will invite to the Glamour party (all moms will have a special treat, worthy of princesses, with facial massage, SPA manicure and a lot of surprises to be made or even executed by the little ones)
  • May will without fail be the daddies’ revenge, who together with their little ones will make a fantastic Grill party.
  • June is reserved to grandparents who will have a full day together with their grandchildren when they will together prepare a dessert from the parents’ childhood in Sweet Grandparents.

We thank the parents who are with us in the educational process and trust us in shaping and educating the personality of their children.



Within this partnership, we aim to teach children to respect the traffic rules, to stimulate their interest in knowing the rights and duties of pedestrians and vehicle drivers and to teach them to defend their life through proper pedestrian behavior.

Moreover, we are all glad to know our children safely, and an informed child is a half-protected child. Thus, together with police officers of the Romanian Police, we will also set out other topics that can be addressed with children, depending on their age and their level of understanding:

  • When I will grow up I want to be a policeman!
  • I would like to take care of a retired police dog!
  • What does a policeman do to defend us?
  • Who are the strangers? Can I or can I not talk to them? Why?



Prevention is better than cure! Within this partnership, we will consider several medical specialties, because we believe that teaching the child from the earliest age to be cared for, to comply with the rules of personal hygiene, to become accustomed to a rational diet, means to lay the durable foundations to the formation of hygienic behavior. Going over an education for health program during kindergarten is the simplest way that notions come to the child and settle as rules or norms and so it is easier to prevent than to correct them, or to act prophylactically instead of healing.

  • PEDIATRICIAN – will consult the children regularly.
  • DENTIST – The meeting with the dentist is not only aimed at examining the oral cavity but also the psychological preparation of a dental consultation. That is why our reliable partners from Crystal Dental Clinic will visit our little ones and, besides dental examination, will teach them how to clean their teeth, what products to use, but also how important the diet is for keeping healthy teeth and a perfect smile.



  • OPHTHALMOLOGIST – The eye exam is essential for the vision health – almost every piece of information we perceive from the surrounding environment is recorded via the visual sense. OMS (World Health Organization) – cred ca vine WHO – estimates that a percentage of 80% of the serious affections of the eye diseases could be prevented or treated. More than that, there are ophthalmologic disorders which, undiagnosed on time (first 5 to 6 years of life), lead to a irreparable decrease in eyesight health. Therefore, we can deduce the importance of a medical control done on time and not when the child begins primary school, after the age of 7. Within our partnership, Ocuvista Clinic is offering complete ophthalmologic consultations done by Ms. Dr. Cozubaş Roxana, pediatric ophthalmologist (the Emergency Hospital for Children “Grigore Alexandrescu”). Therefore, your children will be able to look into the future, without any worries!



  • COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGIST – As more and more people complain about the psychological effects of stress and anxiety, the American Psychological Association warns us that 1 out of 3 children suffer from depression and even tells us about the emergence of a new syndrome, ATCP (Angered Temper with Choleric Progression) that children show when they feel neglected by their parents. Behavioral problems can also be caused by the increased rate of divorce or the isolation of the little ones in the state-of-the-art tablet and telephone universe. Under these circumstances, the psychologist must not be circumvented, but becomes a friend who, using his experience can help you outperform the moments of crisis in your life or of your children.
    • Why go to the psychologist? Because we want to remain the best parents for our children (balanced, competent, relaxed) and to identify the resources of our own child in order to raise a healthy, balanced, independent, self-confident child.
    • When should we do that? From the early years of life, it is good for the parent to have information about the child’s cognitive and emotional acquisition so that the reference to the child is right and their expectations are realistic.
  • SPEECH THERAPIST – Every parent wants a child with confidence in himself, a child able to understand and communicate properly at home, at school, in the community. Like any ability, correct and clear speech is naturally taught by parents, grandparents, kindergarten and sometimes, when appropriate, with the help of a speech therapist. The role of speech therapist in acquiring and developing language is essential when dealing with various pronunciation disorders, delay in language development, dyslexia, dysgraphia or various neurological syndromes.
  • NUTRITIONIST – Because nutrition is not only a trend word, but a lifestyle we have to grow up with, accredited nutrition consultant Andreea-Carmen Radu, with a Psycho-Nutrition specialization, accredited IANLPC (International Association of NLP & Coaching) and IAHT ( International Alliance of Holistic Therapists) courses, accredited ANC trainer, member of Complementary Medical Association UK, after she will elaborate the menu that will follow every rule for a healthy, according to age, nutrition, within the periodic meetings she will have with the children, she will help them create a healthy relationship with food.




Theatrical performances satisfy the child’s natural need to participate in actions to enlarge their spiritual world, fulfill their thirst for knowledge, give them the opportunity to excite themselves strongly, to be able to indulge themselves to build lasting believes. Therefore, we propose that every month to receive in our home theater actors, and with the children from middle and upper kindergarten group to go into the auditorium to feel the atmosphere of the show as much as possible.



During the pre-school period physical development is spectacular, being one of activating and practicing the movement capabilities, as well as of acquiring new skills that propose rhythmic coordination. Supporting, trusting, building self-confidence, creating spaces and opportunities for movement and practicing motor skills are elements that will stimulate psychomotor development and motivation for movement. For these we will need people with experience in working with children, so we have called on professionals and we are happy to have by our side the swimming teachers with whom your children can learn the mysteries of this wonderful sport, but also the wonderful dance teachers who will take exercise with the children throughout the year.




„Last but not least” we have a partnership with Avangarde Forest, the initiator of a large-scale project, a leading leader in the field of housing and relaxation area construction, which supported our initiative to build this kindergarten that provides us constancy, the safety of continuity, what we all need in a world where the speed of change is on first place.

So, we are willing our kindergarten to be the house near the house, where children will feel even better, knowing that they will always have us.