About Us

At Avangarde Kids, we invite children to know the world through playing while learning, growing and living, by providing them with balanced learning programs that promote the cognitive, creative, socio-emotional and physical development of preschoolers through age-appropriate practice in a safe environment and by polishing the native features.

We would like Avangarde Kids to become a kindergarten that assures the gain of knowledge and skills representing world class performance levels for each child, creating a safe environment that supports the harmonious growth and development of children with a wide range of friends.

Schedule and financial offer

We propose you a daily schedule for children which includes activities on experiential areas, games and freely chosen activities, as well as personal development activities that include routines, transitions, afternoon activities and optional activities, carried out in a socio-educational environment appropriate to a quality, European-level training, a creative development environment for each and everyone.

Educational Offer

Under the slogan „Nature brings us together, education brings us apart.”, the entire Avangarde Kids team constantly takes care that each child can flourish through curiosity, creativity and responsibility. It is our promise to you that we will concern to cultivating such values to the little ones throughout the time spent at Avangarde Kids.

Do you think the task of keeping 10-15 children focused on a lesson plan is daunting? We DO NOT!

AVANGARDE KIDS Team has found the perfect way for education to be made through play.

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Information for parents

AVANGARDE KIDS attaches great importance to healthy eating by offering children a variety of specially selected dishes and tastes, teaching also the little ones which are the best food choices for a healthier life.

The meal is served in a catering system by a varied and balanced menu, adapted to children over 2 years of age.

The enrollment file will include: enrollment form, copy of the birth certificate, copy of the ID of parents/legal guardian, educational contract and monthly fee.


If you want your child to have a quality educational program, according to the latest European standards, including personal harmonious development, call the AVANGARDE KIDS specialists.

Contact us to find out more details!